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Boutique Hotel in Kuala Lumpur | The Kuala Lumpur Journal
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Photo Awards

Year after year, the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards (KLPA) sees a diverse set of photographers, each of whom brings a refreshing take on what they think constitutes the idea of a powerful portrait. This year, on top of the Open category, participants were also given the opportunity to submit entries to the themed 'Seeing Beauty' category, in which hundreds of photos provided insights into various cultures' assumptions of beauty.

Free Film Screenings

We're all familiar with Publika's Monday Movies. Here's another one: Kelab Filem Bangsar hosts screenings (or '#FilemGig' as they like to call it) monthly, and the choice of films ranges from documentary, indie and local titles. The event is followed by a discussion where filmmakers, cinemagoers and the organisers exchange their thoughts about the film. The club also collaborates with art space Lostgens' sometimes, which also organises their own free screenings.


Here's a fun date night idea: swing dance with your partner to jazz music and learn the Lindy hop, a popular 1930s American dance. Don't worry if you're cursed with two left feet; the taster class at the beginning teaches you basic moves to prepare you for the hours of social dancing and mingling. For the rest of you dance-happy folk, The Five Six Lemonades will be dancing along with you

Snack South Indian Style

We tend to take Saravana Bavan for granted. It's a Chennai-based chain after all (35 branches in India, a gzillion worldwide), and you know what they say about franchise food. No doubt about it, SB is a formula: the branches look alike, the waiters wear the same uniforms, and the menus are identical. But the place runs like a well-oiled machine, and one that turns out pretty darned good food to boot.